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Statguard® Conductive Acrylic Paint is a one part floor coating formulated to produce controlled dissipation of static electrical charges. Statguard® Conductive Acrylic Paint is very effective as a static control floor coating for electronics manufacturing, assembly, and storage. It is available in grey (similar to PMS 432) in 1 gallon (3.8 litres) containers and in 5 gallon (19 litres) containers; and in light grey (similar to PMS 429) in 5 gallon (19 litres) containers. The color may vary between production lots.
NOTE: Statguard® Conductive Acrylic Paint has a one year shelf life from the date of invoice. The product should not be allowed to freeze. Store at temperatures above 45 degrees as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet. We recommend that these products be stored in their original containers and be sealed when not in use. We cannot guarantee performance if not properly mixed or is used after one year from date of sale.

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