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Vermason offers several types of ESD floor coatings and floor coverings. These range from paint and finish to vinyl and rubber flooring.
The choice of material depends on the mechanical and optical properties required as well as the available budget.
In general, floor coverings will last longer (10 years and more) than a floor coating; coatings however are easier to apply and repair and their initial cost is considerably lower. Coatings are usually applied to existing floor coverings; they often serve to convert a conventional floor into an 'ESD floor'. Coated floors require periodic testing and maintenance especially if they are used as the primary means of grounding personnel. Floor finish keeps the colour of the existing floor whereas paint will mask it. As a rule, ESD coatings generate less body voltage than do floor coverings.
Floor coverings however are more durable and have a specific resistance to ground that remains constant over time. For example, we offer a floor covering made of vinyl (PVC) and one made of rubber that reliably meet the requirements of EN 61340-5 for primary grounding of personnel in an EPA. Floor coverings are long-term solutions and require laying by professional contractors.

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