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Static dissipative vinyl flooring is made of a two-layer flexible PVC calandered sheet. The sheet is abrasion-resistant, tough and is ideally suited for floors in ESD protected areas that are to meet thte requirmeents of EN 61340-5 for primary grounding of personnel. It is suitable for the electronic and telecommunications industries, telephone exchanges and other ESD protected areas. If properly installed, the flooring can carry fork lift truck traffic.
The flooring must be laid at ambient temperatures >18ºC. It can be laid on any surface suited for normal vinyl flooring. Regular acrylic-based adhesive is suitable. It is earthed via a copper strip.
Matting is available in several sizes and can be laid loose or bonded. Mats are usually earthed via an earth lead connected to a stud riveted to the mat, but they too can be adhered to the floor and earthed via a strip of copper foil.

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