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A flooring / footwear system is an alternative for personnel grounding for standing or mobile workers. Foot grounders quickly and effectively drain the static charges which collect on personnel during normal, everyday activities.

Vermason stat-A-REST™ foot grounders are dissipative footwear which meet EN 61340-5-1. They are designed to more reliably contact grounded ESD flooring, and provide a continuous path-to-ground to remove electrostatic charges from personnel. stat-A-REST™ are easier to install than most foot grounders, and designed to be used on standard shoes by placing the grounding tab in the shoe under the foot. They are a suitable ESD footwear component in a Person/footwear/ flooring system, meeting the EN 61340-5-1 required limits < 1 x 109 ohms and < 100 volts peak body voltage.

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