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ESD protected area products should be tested:
1. Prior to installation to qualify product for listing in user's ESD control plan.
2. During initial installation.
3. For periodic checks of installed products as part of IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1 2007-08 clause 5.2.3 Compliance verification plan.

The Vermason ESD Survey Kit is used for measuring and verifying the required limits for product qualification and compliance verification of ESD control products used in the ESD Protected Area. The kit includes the following instruments:
1. Digital Surface Resistance Meter (222642) to measure resistance point-to-point (Rp-p) or surface to ground (Rg) in accordance with IEC 61340-2-3. Use for testing working surfaces, storage racks, trolleys, flooring, garments, and seating.
2. AC Outlet Analyser (224713 or 224715) to confirm that an outlet’s wiring is correct and the path to earth protective ground is intact.
3. Low Resistance Tester (222645) to measure the resistance of grounding paths of common ground point (earth bonding point) and other equipment.
4. Static Field Meter/Ionisation Test Kit (50598) to measure electrostatic fields and to measure offset voltage (balance) and charge decay time of ionisation equipment.
5. Training Paddle Set to demonstrate the creation of static charges and the functionality of ESD control products.

The Vermason ESD Survey Kit is available in two models:
222686 - UK Version
222687 - EU Version

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