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ESD protected area products should be tested:
1. Prior to installation to qualify product for listing in user's ESD control plan.
2. During initial installation.
3. For periodic checks of installed products as part of IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1 2007-08 clause 5.2.3 Compliance verification plan.

As ESD floor and working surface matting get dirty which can increase their resistance. It is therefore recommended to check ESD surfaces regularly using a resistance checker. 

The Vermason Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit is an instrument designed to measure resistance point-to-point (Rp-p) or surface to ground (Rg) in accordance with EN 61340-5-1 Electrostatics and its test method IEC 61340-2-3. The Digital Surface Resistance Meter also measures ambient temperature and relative humidity.
The Vermason Analogue Surface Resistance Test Kit is a portable battery-powered instrument designed to measure resistance point-to-point (Rp-p) and surface to ground (Rg). The meter is equipped with an automatic test voltage selector. The test voltage will switch from 10V to 100V should the measured resistance exceed 1 x 105 ohms.
The Vermason Low Resistance Tester has three selectable test ranges to check resistance paths: <1 ohm, <2 ohms and <10 ohms. Per ANSI/ESD S20.20, the required limit for equipment grounding conductors (such as banana jacks) is <1 ohm tested per ESDTR53. Per ANSI/ESD S20.20, the required limit for solder hand tools is <2 ohms (Product Qualification) and <10 ohms Compliance Verification tested per ESD TR53. The Low Resistance Tester is equipped with pass/fail (go/no go) audio and visual indicatorsthat activate to confirm that the grounding conductor being tested meets the required limit.
The Vermason Surface Resistance/Resistivity Checker is a portable battery powered tester fitted with built in parallel electrodes that allows a quick test of material surface resistivity. Two 4mm plug sockets and an electrode selection switch allow the connection of external 2.27 kilogram electrodes measure surface resistance point to point (Rp-p) or resistance to protective earth ground (Rg).
The Vermason Concentric Ring Probe is an instrument to be used in conjunction with a resistance tester to measure surface resistance per IEC 61340-2-3. The Concentric Ring Probe can measure the volume resistance of planar materials using a flat conductive metal plate (not included). The Concentric Ring Probe may be used for the resistance measurements of ESD packaging including static shielding and other bags.
The Cylindrical Probes are to be used in conjunction with a resistance meter to measure point-to-point resistance, volume resistance, and resistance to ground in accordance with EN 61340-5. The probe has non-marking highly conductive pads. A cap is supplied with the probes that protects the pad when not in use. The insulating jacket and shape aid grip - insulation resistance is approximately 1 x 106 ohms.

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