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ESD protected area products should be tested:
1. Prior to installation to qualify product for listing in user's ESD control plan.
2. During initial installation.
3. For periodic checks of installed products as part of IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1 2007-08 clause 5.2.3 Compliance verification plan.

As ESD floor and working surface matting get dirty which can increase their resistance. It is therefore recommended to check ESD surfaces regularly using a resistance checker. 

The Vermason Concentric Ring Probe is an instrument to be used in conjunction with a resistance tester to measure surface resistance per IEC 61340-2-3. The Concentric Ring Probe can measure the volume resistance of planar materials using a flat conductive metal plate (not included). The Concentric Ring Probe may be used for the resistance measurements of ESD packaging including static shielding and other bags.

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