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ESD protected area products should be tested:
1. Prior to installation to qualify product for listing in user's ESD control plan.
2. During initial installation.
3. For periodic checks of installed products as part of IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1 2007-08 clause 5.2.3 Compliance verification plan.

The EMIT Digital Static Field Meter 50597 is a high quality, portable non-contacting static field meter which consistently produces accurate readings with ease and provides years of trouble-free operation.

The Digital Static Field Meter indicates surface voltage and polarity on objects up to ±19.99 kV at a distance of 25mm with an accuracy of ±5% of the displayed value. It is chopper-stabilized for use under almost any condition including ionised environments. The conductive case and ground snap facilitate grounding for accurate measurement. Also featured are a zero button and a display hold function. A unique LED rangefinder system provides accurate positioning of the meter from the target.

The EMIT Ionisation Test Kit 50598 allows the 50597 Digital Static Field Meter to be used to measure the offset voltage (balance) and charge decay of ionisation equipment. The Test Kit also includes a Charger used to place a ±1000V charge on the 50567 Conductive Plate, making it possible to also measure the discharge times of air ionisation equipment. The 50598 Ionisation Test Kit includes the 50597 Digital Static Field Meter, providing a highly portable and cost effective means of verifying the performance of a wide variety of ionisation equipment.

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