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The SCS EM Eye Meter is capable of providing measurements for many various parameters, which are determined by the type of sensor connected to the EM Eye Meter. Below are the three sensors that are available now: 
1. ESD Events Detection (CTC021) – The portable, easy-to-use EM Eye Meter serves as a measuring instrument for most ESD signals. The EM Eye Meter measures the magnitude of ESD events. This meter also estimates the events’ magnitude for CDM, HDM and MM models.
2. Electromagnetic Field Measurement (CTC028) – Enables the EM Eye Meter to be transformed into an EMF Meter, Power Density Meter and EIRP Meter. 
3. RF Signal Sensor (CTC029) – The EM Eye Meter measures the amplitude of an RF signal.

The standard unit CTCM048-21 is supplied with the ESD sensor (CTC021).
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