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The purpose of an ESD protective working surface is to aid in the prevention of damage to ESD sensitive items (ESDS) and assemblies from electrostatic discharge. ESD mats need to be grounded. A ground wire from the mat should connect to the common point ground which is connected to ground, preferably equipment ground. For electronics manufacturing a worksurface resistance to ground (Rg) of 1 x 104 to less than 1 x 109 ohms is recommended. Best practice is that ground connections use firm fitting connecting devices such as metallic crimps, snaps and banana plugs to connect to designated ground points. The use of alligator clips is not recommended. Find accessories here
To ensure the continuing safety of people and ESD-sensitive electronics, all static-controlled workstations should be periodically tested for ground integrity. See our resistance tester section for more details.
For optimum electrical performance, surfaces must be cleaned regularly using an ESD mat cleaner. Vermason suggests using our Reztore™ Surface & Mat Cleaner. Do not use cleaners with silicone. Silicone buildup will create an insulative film on the surface.

Vermason's Statfree DLR™ matting is composted of two layers of static dissipative rubber that are vulcanised to form a rugged, volume functional work surface that combines the durability and electrical performance of rigid laminates with the convenience of soft table mats. Because the bottom layer of Statfree DLR™ matting is more conductive than the top layer, static electricity applied to a point on the top surface will not energise other objects resting on the surface. Instead, the charge will travel downwards through the top layer to the more conductive layer below, from where it will drain safely to ground.
- Two-layer, static dissipative rubber
- Solder iron resistant and withstands most chemicals
- Easy to clean
- Low reflecting
- Ideal mat to use with continuous monitors

Not sure which working surface is best for your application? Check-out our Working Surface Selection Chart.

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