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If you are not using a continuous or a constant monitor, a wrist strap should be tested while being worn at least daily. This quick check can determine that no break in the path-to-ground has occurred. Wrist straps should be worn while they are tested. This provides the best way to test all three components: the wrist band, the ground cord (including the resistor) and the interface with the operator's skin. If the wrist strap tester outputs a FAIL test result, stop working, and test the wrist band and cord individually to find out which item is damaged. Replace the bad component, and repeat the test. Obtain a PASS test result before beginning work. 
The Vermason High Speed, High Accuracy Wrist Strap Tester comprises a digital test unit controlled by a programmable IC. It measures the resistance in the circuit including the body of the operator. The instrument will indicate whether the resistance is in the ranges specified in EN 61340-5-1 using Annex A test method A.1.

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