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About Us

Vermason is a manufacturer of ESD protection products and was founded in Letchworth in 1979. In April 2007 Desco Industries, Inc. of Chino California acquired 100% of the shares of Vermason Ltd. Vermason is now a division of Desco Industries, Inc.

Old factory in Letchworth, Birds Hill
Over half the workforce of thirty is engaged in producing a wide range of ESD products.The injection moulding presses and the bag making machines occupy a substantial part of the 2000 square metre factory. A computer-controlled mat cutting machine is large too: it can cut mats and boards up to 12m long and 2m wide. A row of sewing machines help us make heelgrounders, field service kits and other sewn items. The far end of the hall is home to several light assembly processes such as crimpers, insert moulding machines, riveting presses and ultrasonic welders. They are used to make wristbands, coiled cords, and earth bonding points amongst others. In an especially made ESD protected area, test and monitor products such as resistance indicators, wrist strap testers and constant monitors are assembled and calibrated traceable to National Standards.

Vermason prides itself in its practical knowledge of ESD and its ability to develop new products. For that and to test raw materials, it has a well-equipped laboratory with climate chamber.

We can also provide training to ESD technicians, field surveys of premises and audits. We endeavour to comply with the requirements of IEC 61340-5 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

In the UK, ESD users are served directly or by a network of distributors.
In other countries we sell through national ESD specialists.

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