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Continuous monitors provide operators with instant feedback on the status and functionality of their wrist strap and/or workstation. They detect split-second failures when the wrist strap is still in the "intermittent" stage. This is prior to a permanent "open" which could result in damage to ESD sensitive components. Continuous monitors verify the ground integrity of both the operator and ESD workstation and eliminate the need for periodic testing (and record keeping).

The Vermason EBP Continuous Monitor confirms the integrity of the resistance path from the earth bonding point (or common ground point) to electrical or protective earth ground. It is designed to monitor equipment or protective earth ground connections. When the EBP Continuous Monitor is plugged into an AC outlet, the green LED illuminates when both the outlet’s wiring is correct and the path to protective earth ground via the equipment grounding conductor is intact. The continuous monitor provides 12 verified EBP or ground points when in PASS condition. The red LED illuminates when either the outlet’s wiring is incorrect or the path to protective earth ground is defective.

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