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Continuous monitors provide operators with instant feedback on the status and functionality of their wrist strap and/or workstation. They detect split-second failures when the wrist strap is still in the "intermittent" stage. This is prior to a permanent "open" which could result in damage to ESD sensitive components. Continuous monitors verify the ground integrity of both the operator and ESD workstation and eliminate the need for periodic testing (and record keeping).

Single-wire monitoring allows the use of any standard, single-wire wrist strap and coil cord. The monitor / wrist strap system life-cycle costs are significantly lower than dual-wire systems. While they would not be suitable for the most critical applications, single-wire continuous monitors are an economical way to monitor both the operator's wrist strap and workstation surface. Click here for important information on single-wire continuous impedance monitoring.

The Vermason Jewel® Workstation Continuous Mini Monitor independently monitors the operator and the working surface. The instant an  operator’s wrist strap or cord fails, the continuous monitor will issue audible and visual alarms alerting the user of the problem. In the same manner, the unit also confirms that a path to ground of less than 500 megohms exists from the ESD working surface.

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