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A flooring / footwear system is an alternative for personnel grounding for standing or mobile workers. Foot grounders quickly and effectively drain the static charges which collect on personnel during normal, everyday activities.

1. It is recommended that foot grounders be worn on both feet, in order to assure that a continuous path to ground is maintained.
2. Contact strips should be tucked inside the shoe with as much contact area as possible to the bottom of the stockinged foot. Foot grounders rely upon the perspiration layer inside of the shoe to make contact through the stocking.
3. Foot grounders should be used in conjunction with floor surfaces which have a surface resistivity of less than 1010 ohms. Wearing ESD footwear on a regular, insulative floor is a waste of time and money.
4. A current limiting one or two megohm resistor in series with the contact strip is recommended but not required.
5. ESD footwear should be tested independently at least daily while being worn.

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